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The "Spirit" of what I do ...
is to do with your "Spirit"

Mr. Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo was born on 9th November 1951 in Darbhanga, Bihar and Graduated in Physics. Hailing from a family of erudite scholars, and himself an entrepreneur industrialist in his early professional years … a series of natural progressive events impelled him to the path of spirituality.


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With the blessings of his Guru, Swami Debanand Giriji Maharaj, Mr. Bharat Bhushan's Spiritual path further got accentuated. His mission is to be an effective conduit for people who wish to cross the bridge from stress, hopelessness, depression, frustration and sickness to the other side of optimization, good health, contentment, success, fulfilment and positivism.

Recommending a holistic approach to life … He uses Astrology as a tool to explore shortcomings and blends it with Spirituality as an effective healer. Scientific temper (coming as it may with his physics background) juxtaposed with intrinsic spirituality deep within, is his rare forte.

He understands the micro as well as the functional mandate of life, which he believes is in sync with the macro mandate as laid down by Nature. He helps synergise these 2 parameters (self with nature) and helps create a resonance and add a dimension to the philosophy of life.

Mr. Bhushan’s approach to optimization of energy encompasses both art (creativity) and science (logic and innovation) ... acting as an effective guide to help understand the mechanics of nature’s energy cycle, and then subsequently harness the energy extended by available resources to fill the voids at the functional level. This improves capacity utilization of the self, augments productivity, improves memory, instils confidence and brings about clarity of thought and communication.

He believes that the genesis of this creative order is based on the concept of “Unity in Diversity”. So, it is the collective worth and wisdom coming as it may with ‘living in togetherness’ that could optimize productivity and give a fulfilling experience. The source of strength and knowledge he partakes in a scientific frame lies in our ancient wisdom / scriptures … contextualized to today’s living needs. With spontaneous outflow of ancient wisdom phrased in practical terms, he introduces the human mind towards its right course to add quality to one’s life.

A prolific writer, he has been sharing his experiences and innovative ideas through his regular weekly column for The Daily Pioneer… a leading English Newspaper published from Delhi and 7 other cities, for more than ten years now. Besides, he has also been contributing to Lokmat – Hindi Daily of Maharashtra, the “Speaking Tree” of Times of India, Dipta Dibakar quarterly magazine, and various other journals from time to time. He has also been a Contributor to the book “Empirical Insights in Vedic Astrology”.

He has shared his experiences and wisdom at various forums which include Stanford University (Palo Alto, California), Indian Institute of Public Administration, Pioneer Media School, the Corporate World (Johnson & Johnson) and Premier Academic Institutions and their Alumni.

For Mr. Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo - life is all about giving, and adding further value.


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