The “Spirit” of what I do …
is to do with your “Spirit”

Applying holistic approach, I help unfold the best in you and lead you towards a better tomorrow.

A Spiritual Counselor by Nature, a Philosopher by Heart and an Astrologer by profession … he explores, leads and practises innovative processes to delve into and activate the dormant potential within a person to create meaning and vibrancy to living.

“You fail in life only when you do not strive sufficiently to manifest ‘infinite power’ within.”

The “Spirit” of what I do …
is to do with your “Spirit”

Apply holistic approach I helped to unfold the best in you, towards the better tomorrow . Vedic astrology maps out your potential and weakness.

Spirituality helps to improve mind power…. by correcting weakness , expanding vision , optimizing core strength .

” You fail only when you do not strive sufficiently to manifest “infinite power”  within”.

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It covers, personality traits,
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Probable trends of life during the year
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Overall general career/financial
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Marital prospects, Quality of life
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Overall trends and quality of life
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Over all health trends highlighting
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Freewill Versus Fate

It is in human nature to look towards a better tomorrow. So, invariably we begin life with high hopes and aspirations. Accordingly, we set our dream destination. Dreams are necessary for reaching heights one is capable of, as they serve a focus to reach an objective. Since time immemorial the Moon fascinated and evoked man’s curiosity, seen every day – yet unknown. A longing to know and understand, it led scientists to send man on the Moon. Yet, not everybody’s dreams get fulfilled. Non-realization often brings in frustrating experiences. Why? Are we so helplessly fated? If so, then what is the relevance of freewill, we are supposed to be endowed with? The obvious question now is: What primarily drives our lives – freewill or fate? This debate has been an ongoing phenomenon since ages, which finds reflection in Ramayana, Yoga Vashishtha, and even Mahabharat.  The rationalists and those belonging to science fraternity have often challenged the relevance of Astrology, which primarily deals with fate. Little reflection would reveal that it is the exercise of freewill option, which is an exclusive human privilege, that binds you to fate. This option is not available to other species. Remember, the freewill option grants you with the freedom to make choices. It needs to be appreciated here that if there is choice in hand, the probability of its use and misuse becomes equal. And there is nothing like a free lunch in this world.  You have to own up and bear with consequences of the choices you make. This way, you become stuck to a cause-effect chain, which runs in succession.  In this scheme of things, there has to be a cause behind every effect, which, in turn becomes the cause of future happenings. Someone curious to understand the relation between freewill and fate sought a wise man’s help for the answer.  The wiseman asked the questioner: Stand on one feet with the other raised in air. The questioner followed.  The wiseman then asked him to raise the other leg also. How can I? I will fall. Now you have the answer said the wiseman.  Freewill option gave you the choice to raise either the left or right leg, or not raise any.  If, however, you raise one leg, you are stuck and so fated. To sum, the exercise of freewill binds you to fate. So said Rousseau: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others but remains more of a slave than they are.” The obvious question now is: Is there any scope to come out of the binds of fate? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Well, the choice option you have also enjoins upon you with the capacity to make necessary amends.  You can make a conscientious choice purported to deny the implication of fate.  Remember, what is fated is imprinted in your memory in the form of thought-seed, which when gains a congenial ground, it comes into play. Remember, a ...
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Spirituality is a holistic lesson in “The Art of


Astrology helps unfold the best in a person, and

Stress Management

Stress is a state of mental-disquiet.


Meditation is a time tested empowerment tool


Vāstu (vāstu) is a traditional

Kundli Dosh

if you have any kundli dosh like shani sade sati, mangal dosh, rahu dosh, ketu dosh, kaal sarp dosh and get remedies for your …

Questions Asked  

Answer-1: Vaastu Shastra is the science of designing buildings in accordance with the laws of nature. These laws state that the balance of the five elements must be maintained in order for beneficial energy to enhance your environment. This science was written in ancient texts called the Vedas.

Answer-2: Vaastu Shastra is a mystical science and comes from the Vedic tradition in India like yoga and meditation. Like these follows, the health enhancing, life-giving benefits of Vaastu Shastra stand on their own.

Answer-3: If the five elements of nature are balanced and all obstructions to life-supporting energy are removed then you will receive the maximum life enhancing energy and support of nature, which will assist you in unfolding your full potential. You will have more opportunities and your thinking will be clear to act on them in the proper time.

Answer-4: It is best to follow Vaastu when purchasing or renting or designing an office, home/house, apartment or plot. You can also use Vaastu for any existing structure or even while designing your work place or home interiors.

Answer-5: When the elements are balanced in your environment, opportunities will come. It is up to you to utilize these opportunities. Sometimes you may notice some improvements right away.

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General Reading
It covers, personality traits, advisory on attitudinal changes needed, career, finance, health trends with probable good and bad periods during the next five years.

Year Ahead
Probable trends of life during the year ahead, covering career, finance, health, and family life.  Major event if any in sight.

Overall general career/financial trends indicating good and bad periods in near future.

Marital Analysis
Marital prospects, Quality of life expected.

Relationship guidance
Overall trends and quality of life expected.

Over all health trends highlighting weak areas of health profile, detailing vulnerable periods in time frame.

Spiritual guidance; Need based guidance in how to negotiate the callings of life (the issues in hand) with ease and comfort; guidance on how to lead a stress-free life; Improve interpersonal relationship skills; identify, optimise, and realise one’s full potential.